Moving Tips

Before beginning to pack all of your belongings or organizing which possessions the moving company will pack for you, please consider the following moving tips:

  1. Stay away from used boxes. Sometimes the box will not be strong enough to hold your possessions securely. Boxes should have lids and be of uniform size
  2. Always pack heavier items in smaller boxes
  3. Use packing tape instead of duck tape, which is difficult to get off
  4. Make sure all boxes and bags are labeled accordingly. This will make unpacking much easier and will avoid any accidents where heavier items are stacked on fragile items
  5. Throw away items you don’t need before movers arrive. Get rid of hazardous materials
  6. Keep jewelry, money, coin collections, etc. In your possession. Do not pack them
  7. Notify your moving company of you exact dates, preferably 1 month in advance. There is more flexibility and a greater chance that your date will be available
  8. Make an ‘Items List’ for better convenience. You can tract your belongings by using this list
  9. Make a list of items that will need special handling. This includes glass table tops, marble tops, taxidermy and heavy mirrors or pictures that may need wood crating
  10. Check the space available for the moving truck. If there is not enough room for a large truck, consider asking for two small trucks instead
  11. Are there elevators or stairs? These can add additional costs at both origin and destination
  12. Make sure to have a source of communication at your convenience. For example, the phone should not be disconnected only until after the move. Always carry a cell phone on you
  13. Provide phone numbers at destination including motels, new home, cell phone and work
  14. Make sure your children have their favorite toys in hand which will ease and comfort them during the move. Remember, children experience the songstress that can be brought upon by moving as well

After Your Move

  1. Obtain necessary IDs such as driver’s license, health card, etc
  2. Register your car at the new address
  3. Contact newspapers and other services for home delivery
  4. Walk around your neighbourhood to get a good idea where to find things and to be comfortable in the new location
  5. Check opening and closing hours of stores and service facilities
  6. Make friends with your neighbours
  7. Consult an attorney about any local laws that might be different from your previous residence. These will affect your family as soon as your new residence is established
  8. Register to vote
  9. Practice driving to your child’s new school to understand the amount of time is needed in the mornings

Dyno Movers Brisbane works all days of the year. So whether you are changing houses during Christmas holidays or on a long weekend, we are there to help you.